Visual concepts, impossible worlds and virtual spaces, it’s the hidden step before the physical prototype.

It was once the stuff of sci-fi films and superhero comix. Now 3D visualisation is a crucial element in the modern creative process. It’s where the blueprint gains an extra dimension, bypassing the guesswork and the dirty fingers. Fusional offers 3D visualisation as a powerful design resource, where we use today’s most sophisticated software technology to demonstrate, convincingly and persuasively, a world or an item that’s effectively yet to exist.

The logical next step to the architect’s plan or the artist’s impression, 3D visualisation allows you to ‘fly through’ a wide variety of design styles and assess projects from every conceivable angle. From exhibition stands to rooms in buildings, retail units to FMCG product ranges, the detailed workings of the internal combustion engine to the exterior of a power station, 3D visualisation is ‘virtual’ design at its most cutting-edge.

We can even create 3d files for 3d printers. If you have a product you want to get off the ground, let us build it virtually in 3d, giving you convincing 3d visuals, and then supplying you with the correct file format so it can be 3d printed too!

Photorealistic 3d:

3d virtual environments


3d virtual environments 2

Lighting tests

3d product prototypes

Virtual prototypes