When Charley, my daughter came home with a new photography assignment for her 6th form photography class, with the subject of movement, it was a great excuse to try out the fiery wire wool shot.

After I had shown her a few examples of this it was all systems go for our attempt. It was a cold night and we called on one of her friends and we set off on a trip to the North Downs. It wasn’t far as we live at the top of the downs but it was a dark trek through the woods. We soon found a great spot to light up. Armed with a metal egg whisk and some medium grade wire wool we set up the shot. Charley chose the position and composition of the shot and I had the honour of being at the fiery centre, spinning the whisk. We had several attempts before the lighter gave up the ghost but achieved this shot with the foreground trees perfectly framing the action. Well done Charley, awesome work!