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Transform almost any area into a feature-rich masterpiece with another level of individuality with amazing school wall art by Fusional. With our very high levels of creativity and expertise, we can create bespoke affordable high impact School feature wall design that informs, inspires and educates.

  • Raise your school brand awareness
  • Create a stunning welcome
  • High impact learning aids
  • Hard wearing digital vinyl

  • Photo opportunity backgrounds
  • We can develop your ideas
  • Give your students something unique
  • Something for all budgets

Featurewalls and school wall art costs

Our inspiring school wall art designs capture the imagination of students and helps to convey ideas and concepts in a visually dynamic way. We can work with teachers to ensure the relevant educational content is communicated to maximum effect. We can produce schools art walls with as little or as much information as possible to create stunning teaching aids. The vibrancy of our wall displays helps to subliminally influence young minds with the facts that ultimately help the students learning.

Blank walls are nice. Especially new walls. They’re smooth, light and can create a pleasant environment to work and learn. However, we also see them as blank canvases that can entertain, inform and educate and ultimately generate an excitement to learn. Our school wallscape design service will help instil pride and belonging in your students and staff.

We will work with you to establish what kind of message, whether its educational, celebrational, ethos orientated or an ‘out there’ design brief that sparks interests and asks questions.

Created to fit any budget

We understand that Schools budgets are constantly squeezed, leaving very little if any budget for general school improvements. Our feature wall displays are extremely good value for money. Not only do they add another dimension to your decor, they are very hard wearing, (when you go for the laminated digital vinyl option), meaning that while these displays are on the wall, it won’t need re-painting.

While our wallscapes are great value, we can design and produce a feature wall to fit your budget. For example, we can create something simple that raises the profile of a reception or welcomes you to a faculty area. Or if budget allows, we can create stunning showpieces that educate and inspire.

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wallscape design for school wall art


After an initial chat, we’ll gain an understanding of what you want your wall displays to achieve. Whether it’s inspiring messages or educational content, we’ll take photos of the space you’re looking to lift and give you realistic representations of the final scene. By expertly superimposing your design into the photo, you’ll see exactly how your school wallscape design will look.

wallscape materials for school wall art

The Right Materials

Is your wall display for newly-rendered plaster, exterior walls or exposed brickwork? We have the right material for any substrate.We’ll ensure that your new designs stand proud, from printed panels to self-moulding plastic vinyl wraps. Giving you the effect you want – and acting as a popular talking point – for many years to come.

school wall art installation


With fitting teams throughout the UK, we’ll ensure your wall displays are installed to the highest quality. Whether your designs cover your living room wall or intended to make a statement on the front of your school, our fitters are up to any challenge.

school wall art teaching aid wall display

Giant Revision Wallscape Wall Displays

We can create incredible wall-sized artwork packed with subject related information that could help students with their revision. Not only are they fascinating focal points, they are also very useful teaching aids.

It would be great to have a chat and discuss exactly how the process works. Call us on 01732 822808, or you could fill in the request form with as much information as you can so we can get a quote to you. Include examples of the kind of information you would prefer to see in the design and let us know (approximately) how many facts, annotations, quotes etc you ideally would require.

After we have sent you a good indication of costs and you are happy, we will come and visit to say hello, take measurements, carry out a general survey and confirm the final scope of the project. We will then let you know the final cost of the project and when you are happy with that, all we request is what information is going to be featured. This can be supplied in bullet points which we will elaborate upon if needed, for instance, definitions of terms, examples, images etc. Or you can be as specific as you like. Once all the information is collated, we will start working on your amazing revision school wall art designs.

School Feature Wall Design Workshops

We can visit your school or academy run workshops with groups of students to collaborate on the design process. With the ideas and concepts formulated, we will create initial visuals that set the pace for final wallscape wall displays. The final result will be breathtaking visuals around your school, instilling pride and enthusiasm in your students and staff.

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