Whatever your requirements, external or internal, we can produce the most cost effective signage solutions for your school.

Good quality, professionally designed school signs that communicate the ethos and spirit of your school is crucial while keeping the all-important information that the sign needs to convey very simple and easy to follow.

Our signage design service will ensure that your establishment is complimented with beautiful and ultimately effective exterior and interior communications. Whether you need a quick printed sign or a more elaborate solution, we will always make certain that whatever your budget may be, we will create a solution to suit.

Be it a large totem, a tray sign, a solution involving lighting, we will work hard to create something special.

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External Solutions

Standoff letters, tray signs, LED-backlit signage solutions, 3d moulded letters and everything in between, creating a unique look to you premises exterior is what we do, and do well. We will help with location consideration to make sure your school signs get maximum prominence.


Don’t get lost…

We can help with your internal wayfinding problems, helping to create a breakdown of essential locations for wayfinding assistance. Placing signs in the most optimum locations reduces the need for additional needless signs.


Making it look good…

Do you have a canteen or maybe a reception that needs that final welcoming feel? Let us suggest a warm and friendly solution to ensure visitors feel at ease where ever they are in your building.

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