We have lots of experience in creating informative, exciting and concise prospectuses for Schools, Academies and Colleges. We work closely with you to ensure your prospectus design is unique and stands out from the rest and ensure that it captures the energy and spirit of your school.


When you ask us to produce a prospectus for your school or academy, we understand that it needs to leave an impression. With the right mix of creativity, imagery and words, we will create a prospectus that really stands out.

We are also experienced photographers and can capture your school in the most natural and positive way.

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Whether you supply the text for your prospectus or you prefer us to take your main points and have it professionally copy written, your new prospectus will inform prospective parents and students in an engaging and memorable way.

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Ormiston Venture Academy 2013 prospectus detail


The final prospectus design is very important. It needs to say a lot about your school, and that’s not just about the words inside. The overall look is important. It has to instantly communicate your ethos and your place in the community. Above all, it has to capture the imagination of your potential new intake in terms of students and parents alike.

prospectus content


You know your school better than anyone, so we think that content should start with you. We can help with the running order and structure if you wish. We can even take your words and expertly craft them into engaging and powerful statements. If you need photos, we can help there too. We are often asked to direct and shoot photos that show your school in its best possible light. So, content wise, we have it covered.

prospectus print


With everything in place, you need to decide if you want to post out your Newsletter. Nothing quite beats a beautifully printed piece of literature which we can produce at a very competitive price. If cost is an issue, then a good quality digital file can also be effective. So, print, email or download from your website, the choice is yours.

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