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Visual communication and presentation for a world where being noticed can mean the difference between success and failure…

People think visually. Markets respond the same. A graphic image conveys immediately key messages over which words can only labour at length. A powerful visual will make you laugh, cry, think, dance for joy, crave more or scream “yes!”. If you’ve a finely-tuned BS detector, you’ll see through a scam straight away. But if the image is tailored to the proposition, leaving readers in no doubt that positive action in response to the initial visual stimulus will enrich their lives, then the guys who came up with the underlying graphic design on a  have to be worth their weight in gold.

Obsessive about the potency of the visual, Fusional knows that the correct arrangement on a screen, a page, a poster, a Newsletter Design, a Prospectus Design or a wall of appropriate discrete elements – or just a single, mindblowing image – doesn’t just magically happen. It takes a careful guiding hand, a keen aesthetic eye, a nose for what drives purchase and a finger on the pulse of market trends. It’s graphic design to the power of “wow!”.

And we’ve got it by the shedload.

We are exceptional at producing:

Humanities wallscape

 High Impact Wallscapes

Subconscious learning. We can create incredible wall graphics that create an explosion of colour and information. Using our wizardry in Photoshop and various other creative applications, we will bring amazing concepts to life.

The Flag

Informative Newsletters

A bright and vibrant newsletter with high production values communicates your latest achievements with excitement and flair. These beautifully finished publications speak volumes about your school.

Ormiston Venture Academy prospectus spread

Eyecatching Prospectuses

A mix of great photography, design and content infused with the spirit and ethos of your school make the prospectuses we produce a cut above the rest.