Streatham Redskins sports photography

We want event photography to be hassle free. so, we can offer various event packages to suit your budget. You can decide wether to pay a single flat fee and have free access to all the photos or pay a lower fee and purchase individual photos. The price of the photos will depend on the initial shoot fee.

After the shoot, all the photos will be made available online to purchase individually or download for no additional cost depending on your chosen package.

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Whatever the event you are hosting, our photographers will make arrangements to visit prior to the event to get a feel of the location. We can be as ‘in your face’ or ‘hidden in the background’ as you like to ensure you are comfortable with our service.

Meopham Colts

Sport events

If you run a football team, Ice Hockey Team, Bike events or even a school sports day, our photographers will capture the action as it happens. Perfect to share on social media and include in newsletters and blogs.

prom event photography

Prom Nights

Ever wished you could of had some professionally shot reminders of that end of school party? As with all our photographic sessions, we offer the perfect package for you. Call us now to find out more! We can even offer a Photo Makeover Service and take your photos to new heights!

corp day event photography

Corporate Days

Imagine having a professionally produced set of photos to promote your fund raising activities, family days or even team building events. Our photographers will ensure that your business is portrayed in its absolute best light.