Not only can we produce a great looking prospectus, we can also prove our mastery behind a camera.

We find that using a reportage style approach to prospectus photography delivers some mesmerising images that capture the daily school life as it is meant to be seen. Photographs of happy students interacting in class and with one another creates a feel of belonging and security.

We can arrive at your school or academy with a pre-determined intinery of areas and activities and just carry on and shoot away with very little disruption. The only instruction we would give is for all students to look smart and pretend we’re not there!

A typical single day photographic shoot will produce up to 800 shots, all colour corrected and ready for your school or academy to use in your prospectus, website, marketing material, banners, in fact anything that you see fit. After the initial shoot, you can choose whether to purchase individual shots or for an even better deal, purchase the entire set. Our prospectus photography service will give your school a valuable set of photographs that can be used in displays, newsletters, website and any other marketing you choose.


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View our latest prospectus photography

relaxed atmosphere

Relaxed Atmosphere

We always try to blend into the background and capture the most natural images we can without the need for major disruption for staging shots.

capturing the moment

Capturing the Moment

Where sometimes there is a need for some set up, we will always aim for the most natural results capturing the moment.

the best light

In the best light

Portraying the interaction between students and staff is key when illustrating the high calibre of teaching. A shot of interested and engaged students speak volumes.