Project Description

Alderman Peel High School required a set of faculty wall display designs to add excitement and inspiration to various faculties around the school.

The faculty wall displays consisted of English, Mathematics, Computer Science and Music, in areas that needed attention. The computer science wall wrap featured a brief historical timeline spanning the first computer to the latest achievements. It also featured heroes from the digital world including Tim Berners-Lee, Shafi Goldwasser, Charles Babbage and Steve Jobs along with an inspiring quote from Jobs.

The Mathematics wall display featured heroes from the mathematics world such as Alan Turin and Maryam Mirzakhani. It also featured important equations and a mathematical glossary, all to serve as subliminal reminders to help students remember key points. English featured similar information to maths, information on famous authors, glossary of English terms including Iambic Pentameter.

The music wall featured well known and celebrated musicians from past and present. It also featured many musical terms with descriptions. All these added up to a series of amazing wallscapes adding a valuable educational in a bold and striking way.

We also created some random quotes that were cut from our specialist brick wrap material that bonds particularly well to very rough surfaces. These give the appearance of painted letters, but as this is a specialist wall wrap, they can be removed unlike paint.

It was a pleasure to create these wall display designs for Alderman Peel High School and they were received with great enthusiasm.

Faculty wall displays like these can add vibrancy, educational value and colour to any school. They work especially well at Alderman Peel High School as the areas in question for the most part, are bathed in natural light, ideal for displaying the information. All the areas chosen also had the highest footfall within the school to ensure maximum visibility.