Project Description

Gunthorpe Primary School in Peterborough got in touch to discuss some wallscapes for the newly refurbished Library which was built to extend along the side of the school halls. On meeting the Headteacher, two areas were quickly agreed to create a vibrant designs. For these school feature walls, a pictorial scientific frieze and an historic timeline were both discussed. Both wallscapes were designed to be bright and colourful with many educational facts covering Biology, Space and Physics along with key dates in history and historical events.

Nestled between both designs was the Reading Castle, a recently build wooden structure where children can relax and read. The structure beckoned for a castle wall texture with a fairy tale style vines and a moon-lit window on the inside of the castle where the children have story time. To complete the effect, we applied a moon design to the wall light, literally creating moonlight!

We also completed an extremely vibrant area themed on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.