Project Description

When Fullhurst Community College in Leicester got in touch to update and add to their inspirational displays, we set about creating artwork that would educate and inspire, including a bespoke wall wrap design for Science and English.

We needed to address several areas in this amazing modern school environment including the student entrance, the huge lobby area, stair bulkheads and walls and also centre pieces for the Science and English departments needed a fresh new wall wrap design for each.

To greet the students and they enter the school for a day of learning, we created a design that encouraged students to be “awesome” and “strive for success”. Using the schools brand identity and colours, it features messages to help fire up the students and encourage them to achieve. These messages are further endorsed upon entering into the light and airy lobby area where the centre piece explodes with colour and inspiration.

I know that I made the right decision to commission Fusional when yesterday I walked past a student and member of staff discussing the literary quotes on the English literature timeline.  Later in the afternoon, I spotted several year 7 students gazing with awe at the stairwell designs! – Diana Walker, Marketing Development Officer

As we climb the stairs, the students are confronted with messages of hydration and wellbeing. This dramatic wallwrap design communicates the importance and benefits of staying hydrated, from increasing concentration to improving skin complexion. They also demonstrate the importance of keeping physical and the benefits including a healthy heart and mind and improved focus.

In the science department we create a 17 metre frieze that acts as a teaching aid and resource, complimenting the curriculum by liaising with staff to ensure that relevant educational information was included. This is also true of the English wallwrap design that ran as timeline.

Checkout the news article from the Fullhurst Community College website.

Fullhurst Community College Photoshoot and prospectus project.