Project Description

Our school wall displays are inspiring and educational and create a real buzz.  This set of wallscapes produced for Stoke High School are no exception!

Part of the brief here was to cover up and disguise as much of the internal uninspiring brown brickwork as possible. Working closely with the teachers at the school, we created a set of school wall displays that featured information that the teachers felt would be the most beneficial to the students. Although the information that was supplied was plentiful, we endeavoured to include everything that was suggested. This resulted in a series of extremely content rich feature wall displays that brightened up the otherwise drab corridors with information relevant to the faculty areas.

We also created a great wallscape display for the library and canteen areas. We selected a series of well known literary masterpieces and created a 3d render of giant book spines for the library and various colourful healthy eating messages for the canteen.

Since completing these beautiful school wall displays, we have encouraged other schools to follow a similar route, as it creates another level of value to already inspiring wallscapes.