Keep staff, students, parents and the community informed of all your achievements and latest exciting news with a newsletter design by Fusional.

With a company or school newsletter, your customers, local community or staff even can be apprized of latest products, offers and news. And, especially if it is designed well, an attractive reminder of who you are and what you are doing.

All you need to do is send us all your news stories, offers and anything else you want to shout about and we will create an attractive, well laid out newsletter that people want to pick up. Why not even fund the cost by offering your clients and community advertising space within your newsletter. Good newsletter design will get you noticed.

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Newsletter Design

The look of your newsletter is very important. After an initial consultation, we will produce several options for your masthead and layouts that scream quality and begged to be read. Once your design has been chosen and developed to a point where you are happy, we will then start inputting all your content.

newsletter design sample from Hartsdown Academy's The Flyer


You know your school or Academy best, so it makes sense for you to write the content. Don’t worry if you are not a literary genious, we have copywriters who can take your ramblings and transform them into works of art. Of course, you will guide us on content priority, letting us know which stories are the main features and where in the newsletter they need to appear.

newsletter design

Print or digital

With everything in place, you need to decide if you want to post out your Newsletter. Nothing quite beats a beautifully printed piece of literature which we can produce at a very competitive price. If cost is an issue, then a good quality digital file can also be effective. So, print, email or download from your website, the choice is yours.


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